Please read these instructions carefully before completing online registration.

Registration Fee

There is a required, non-refundable $50 registration fee per student for Enrichment and Academic classes. Your student’s spot is not reserved and your registration is not complete until the $50/student registration fee is paid. The registration fee is a separate “class option” when signing up – be sure to add this to your “cart” in addition to the class you are enrolling your student in.

For example: if enrolling a 5 year old in Enrichment Kindergarten, add Enrichment Kindergarten AND Enrichment Registration Fee to your cart. If you are enrolling your student in both Enrichment and Academic, you will need to add Enrichment AND Academic Registration Fee to your cart.

You will get an email receipt when you have successfully paid registration and/or enrollment fees. You can manually adjust the amount when making online payments. The entire balance is not due upon registration. You can choose to make small payments or to pay the entire balance in full.

Enrollment Balance Due

The full enrollment balance for 2021-2022 is due June 1, 2021. All enrollment fees are non-refundable, for any reason, after June 1, 2021.

A la Carte

To enroll your 5-8 year-old student, choose a bundle. A bundle includes two 45 minute classes.

To enroll your 9+ year-old student, be sure to choose one option from “Class 1” and one option from “Class 2.”

To enroll your High School student, choose High School Art Studio.

High School

All high school classes are a la carte. However, there is a discounted rate of $825 if your student is enrolled in classes from 9am-2pm.

For Enrichment, select only one class per hour.

For Academic, select individual classes on an a la carte basis OR select “Academic AM Bundle” if your student is participating in all morning classes. Additionally, select Biology or Chemistry.

For high school students with a break between classes, there is a social hall or an opportunity to earn volunteer hours/credit.

Refresh Homeschool Conference

Mothers, enter your personal information and select Refresh Homeschool Conference to register for the event. A $30 fee is required to complete registration. The $30 fee is non-refundable, for any reason, once registration is complete.


You can register for At-Home Cycle 1 using our At-Home Purchase Form.