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Four Square offers community-based classes and curriculum resources that enrich a home education 
and allow parents to create a custom experience for their student.
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All of our classes feature activities that are best experienced in a community setting and that enrich a home education.

"An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing."

Charlotte Mason



Four Square Enrichment is a Christian community that meets weekly from 9am-noon for art, music, gym and speech/sign language classes. A variety of afternoon a la carte options are available to extend the day of enrichment.
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Four Square Academic is a Christian community that meets weekly from 9am-2pm for history, geography, literature, science and grammar/composition classes.
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Without Doors is a Charlotte Mason curriculum designed to simplify the homeschool experience by coordinating elementary and middle school students in Bible, geography, history, literature, enrichment, and nature study.
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Academic: $925/student
Enrichment: $575/student
A la Carte: $350/student

High School: $250-$350/class

We do not offer a sibling discount at this time. We do accept TRIP funds from the HSB to help families save on enrollment fees.

Four Square is a drop-off program. Parents are not required to volunteer.

Four Square is a Christian program. The teachers are Christians that teach from a Biblical worldview. Four Square is not associated with a particular denomination. Chapel is a community gathering for prayer and worship.

Four Square tutors are former classroom teachers or individuals who specialize in their area through a degree or relevant experience. The tutors approach their classes from a Biblical Christian worldview. All teachers have a background check for safety.

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