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Object Lesson


A boy who is observing a beetle does not consciously apply his several senses to the beetle, but lets the beetle take the initiative, which the boy reverently follows: but the boy who is in the habit of sensory daily gymnastics will learn a great deal more about the beetle than he who is not so trained.

Charlotte Mason

An object lesson is carefully observing, listening, touching and smelling an object from nature. Object lessons can include observing plants, insects, leaves, bird’s nests, etc.
The result of regular object lessons include heightened observation in personal nature study, training of the senses and an increased interest in nature journaling.
Consider raising monarch caterpillars in your home, caring for them and watching them grow. When the caterpillars transform into a beautiful chrysalis, with accents of gold, you wait in expectation for new life to emerge. Watching them emerge and take their first flight is a powerful teacher.  

A valuable resource to guide object lessons at home is The Handbook of Nature, by Anna Botsford Comstock.