Morning Basket

What is a Morning Basket?

A morning in which a child receives no new ideas is a morning wasted.

Charlotte Mason

Morning basket brings everyone together for family learning before transitioning into independent subject areas. The basket itself is simply an organizational tool, but using it facilitates a family-centered homeschool lifestyle.

A morning basket is a storage basket filled with living books and carefully selected resources. The basket should be kept in a convenient location, such as beside the couch. 

Fill your morning basket with a variety of resources including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture study paintings, nature lore, devotionals, and hymn lyrics. Additional morning basket resources can be added such as math flash cards, Bible memory cards, etc.

Some books in the morning basket are read daily. Other books are read weekly or on a rotating basis. The books and resources in the morning basket should be rotated each term or each year, depending on the subject area.

Charlotte Mason encourages short lessons. Readings in each subject area should be brief and followed with narration. Morning basket is ideally done in the morning, but can be done any time of day.

Discover the joy of including a morning basket in your homeschool!